10 Facts About Academic Stress In College Life


Are you that average student who turns afraid before the arrival of quarterly exams? Is college life really harsh on you? Relax you are not alone. A number of individuals find themselves in the same boat as you do very often. Nonetheless, it is totally normal to behave this way. In fact, academic stress works as a motivation to push one towards study.

Although acquiring some help from professional assignment writers UK to grab incredible marks works. But otherwise stress really hit hard. Considering it a small concern is the biggest blunder by any college student.

Contrary to the challenging part, no stress is good for mental, psychological, or physical health. But the drawbacks of academic stress are often the most difficult to cope with. Isn’t it strange? With this detailed piece of writing, you will figure out 10 facts regarding its massive involvement in college students’ life.

Why Is Academic Stress Terrible?

Below is the list describing the depth of the seriousness, causes, effects, and how it affects the stress bearer.

Behavioral Impact

What lies at the front foot of every encounter? Of course the reaction. Every action has its reaction. So is the case with human retaliation. We are supposed to behave as per the given circumstances. For example, during the academic stress phase, you cannot be smiling all the time rather would get irritated so easily.

It is pretty common to spot negative changes in behavior over a period of time because of academic stress. Some end up building rivalries around while others scold the weak aimlessly. This way or the other way, behavior depicts anxiety so well. there are few chances of losing valuable relations in-between as well.

Weight Loss/Gain

Students are very prone to experience unwanted fluctuations in weight. The majority put on extra pounds while others behave slight differently. All due to the academic stress they face prior to exam days. Maybe during it too. but that doesn’t happen overnight at all.

However, the human brain is designed to release hormones in response to every action body feels or the brain recognizes. Due to such an imbalance in the system, you either shed some kgs or get some in a very dangerous manner. None of the conditions is to be proud of. Health lies above everything else. An abnormal fluctuation in body weight is highly injurious.

Hair Loss

The new generation being the center point of multiple problems is already facing sensitive health issues. Hair fall is no doubt of those. Their hair quality is already quite low compared to previous generations following improper diet and mismanaged sleep patterns. Academic stress as an addition behaves as cheery on the top of the cake.

Until and unless a student owns great genes to maintain hair quality, he or she is very much likely to face hair loss. Especially, when exams are near or difficult tests are knocking on the door. Or in another case, one is running out of time to complete the syllabus.


Not every youngster is a night owl by choice. Some have to follow the routine unintentionally. Having said that, insomnia is a condition of sleeplessness. Who doesn’t like to rest by the way? Hardly anyone. Maybe a workaholic or a nerd. However, the majority prefer to sleep for at least seven hours. In the situation when insomnia hits as a result of academic stress, there is no going back. The condition neither entertains peace nor the rest.

And if you think this restlessness leaves after exams then you have been badly mistaken. Insomnia can be the root cause of every disease out there. Obviously, all the repair, growth, secretion, and energy-building processes take place at night during sleeping hours. Less sleep means a disturbed process

Relationship Imbalance

A life spent balanced is a life spent well. Just like every other aspect of life, respective stress is impactful on personal life also. probably the relationship humans are surrounded with. You may end up ruining your relationship by not knowing how to cope with academic stress. And those relationships can be any.

From friends, siblings, colleagues, batch mates, partners, or any other. When students live under academic stress, they find a disturbance in their terms with relations at some point or the other. Surprisingly, the reason is nothing but the workload they are suffering from. Hence, academic stress spares none.

Memory Damage

Do you know that over usage of brain cells can lead to a nervous breakdown and even death? This is exactly the reason why some brilliant minds left the surface of the earth at the peak of their fame. Consuming out of capacity means your memory will be less able to store facts, so it’s important to space out studying sessions and take breaks.

Overworking leads to saturation, eventually, the brain at point stops functionalizing by feeling numb. Giving ultimate hints, the brain already sends a red signal to the body to stop acquiring more knowledge. If you do not stop at that point, be ready to face mental health problems as consequence. Academic stress may lead to memory loss too.

Eyesight Issue

This is self-explanatory for every over activity we perform or the knowledge we try to consume. Eyesight gets affected even before the brain does. Obviously, it gets the first ever interaction with academic stress. Spending more time looking at the screen or being a book warn leaves long last harmful impacts on eye sights.

Regardless of the fact whether or not the student is already wearing space or not, academic stress spares none. Imagine reading books or pdf files for continuous hours a day prior to exams. Remember every organ of our body has a limit to perform its duties. Going over the board wouldn’t work.


The study followed by academic stress often leads to fatigue in pupils’ life without them knowing. How strange! Basically, it’s just that they take it for granted till the intensity of the matter prevails.

Anxiety, depression, lethargic feel, body ache, and missing energy levels all fall under the category of elements that cause ultimate fatigue. College who studies because of academic stress and difficult test is likely to feel exhausted and irritated. The best way to avoid academic stress is to take care of your health first. Fatigue is such an advanced condition of restlessness. Don’t let the condition take over your passion in college life at all.

Social Isolation

Academic stress plays a great role in creating social isolation, as students may feel compelled to study alone or forgo social activities in order to ensure their grades are high.

The attainment of socializing varies from person to person but the formula of detachment remains the same. No matter how you prefer to make maximum out of leisure time or interact with your friend circle. Academic stress is enough to snatch the mode of unwinding yourself too. For anybody who doesn’t know how to control their study tension, isolation can be too risky even for an introvert. Let alone the extrovert since that would be highly damaging for them for sure.

Invalid Move

Despite all the academic stress, when things get out of hand at the time of exams applicants end up with plan B called cheating. Calling this move yet another way of dealing with academic stress wouldn’t be wrong. The anxiety is not restricted to tremendous reparations and health injuries only. Rather, focus one to go below the belt in reaching what they have been desiring for so long.

Inappropriate ways have greater chances of inducing plagiarism, injustice, and cheating behavior in the minds of candidates who do it due to academic pressure only. If there was no such burden he or she would have worked inside their limitations only.

What Might Trigger It?


Yes, you read it right! Not every learner is born to take academic stress so far. some just start absorbing it later in life. one of the reasons for this scary development is the inducement of the jealousy factor. We have to understand that those who cannot perform like a topper eventually ends up acquiring useless academic stress to beat others.

Destructive Comparisons

Competitions and comparisons are the two main elements that often lead to the appearance of destructive outcomes so far. Taking it a little bit more seriously, educationalists throw themselves into the sea of difficulties called academic stress. None is born with the same level of capability, moving at your own pace is the key.

Outside Judgments

Can you guess the most unfortunate part of today’s era? The judgmental society holds the relevant certification in hand. They put lots of academic stress both on students as well their parents that are mostly considered more harmful than beneficial. After all, there is a huge gap between motivation and discouragement.


Know that academic stress accompanies the person post-examination in the form of result prediction as well. Apparently, this is not very much visible even to the victim but has the power to eventually affect you sooner or later. If you do not deal with it today it will trigger tomorrow with the worst impacts ever. The most effective way to manage this stress is to identify and overcome academic challenges first and work on them from the beginning.

In case of overcoming academic stress in general, make sure your personality is so strong to be affected by other opinions unless they are genuine your well-wishers.


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