6 Decoration Ideas With Glass Dome

Glass Dome

Are your pretty trinkets and decorative accessories gathering dust and getting lost between the rows of books or miscellaneous objects in a library? Highlight them by displaying them under a decorative glass dome. Placed on a shelf or chest of drawers, they will attract all eyes. Vary the pleasures by regularly changing the objects you exhibit, according to your desires. Placed under domes of various sizes, a decorative object under a glass dome and a plant combine perfectly to create harmonious sets.

Let your creativity speak for an unusual decoration that looks like you by placing your favorite objects under a glass dome. Here are 6 decorating ideas with glass domes.

  1. A Glass Dome Revealing Dried Flowers

Already made or made by you, a decorative glass dome housing dried flowers will sublimate your decoration. This glass decorative object will protect the flowers and herbs of your flower arrangement from dust. If you decide to make it yourself, you will need a block of foam to plant your flowers in and glue to attach elements to hide the foam. You will get a bucolic composition that is very simple to make and which will bring a touch of authenticity to your interior.

2. A Led Light Garland For Subdued Lighting

Create a soft dim light by slipping an LED light garland under a decorative glass dome. Simple to make, this decorative trick requires very little material. This light will instill a warm atmosphere in your interior or will magnify the lighting of your candlelit dinners. Finally, this luminous decoration will be very appreciated in the garden or on the balcony during the long summer evenings to act as soft outdoor lighting.

3. A Candle Under A Dome For Decoration

To decorate your interior with a glass dome, place a candle under the dome to highlight it and create a cocooning atmosphere. The glass also helps protect the candle from dust and preserve the fragrance of scented candles. To add the final touch to your decoration, tie a ribbon on the top of the bell that will match the color of the candle you have chosen.

4. Using Cloche Domes To Decorate Your Space

For the finishing touch on a variety of items, pair any of our lovely glass domes and cloches with any of our Cake Stands & small Lazy Susans. These domes and cloches, which are made from recycled glass, are certain to have a distinctive finishing touch.

Glass cloche domes are typically used to cover plants or other objects for aesthetic or protective purposes. They are frequently placed over plants to create a greenhouse effect, which helps to create a warm and humid environment for the plants to grow. 

5. A Glass Dome To Sublimate A Plant

The decorative glass cloche is a perfect solution for caring for plants without the need to tend to them. Heat and humidity are naturally preserved there, which makes it possible to do without the task of watering. Plants are protected and sheltered and require less maintenance. Ask a professional to choose a variety of plants suitable for a closed environment. For example, ferns lend themselves perfectly. A glass dome is ideal outdoors because it protects young shoots from the rigors of winter while enhancing them.

6. A Glass Dome To Showcase Your Christmas Decoration

During the holidays, place elements of your Christmas decoration under a glass dome to dress up your table or create your nativity scene. Place balls, garlands, or even fake snow and small fir trees. Give free rein to your creativity and vary the pleasures and objects that you will highlight in your glass dome.

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