Benefits of Kayaking

Many of us may still be feeling the effects of intense summer outdoor activities as we move into fall. Kayaking is one activity that many people don’t know can be quite physically demanding. Did you go kayaking this summer and get hurt while on the water? Flushing’s Movement Concepts Physical Therapy is here to help!

Kayaking is usually thought of as a pastime or activity, but it can also be a great way to get some light aerobic exercise. Kayaking, like any other active sport, gives you a chance to have fun and get a lot of exercise at the same time. Embarking on a new exercise program is always an exciting change, whether you enjoy kayaking for the activity itself or for the natural environment. Kayaking can improve your mental health as well as your strength, flexibility and endurance.

Kayaking is also ideal for people who need to return to physical activity after an injury. Movement Concepts Physical therapy can help you determine if it is right for you. Choose an activity that helps you get back in shape, because that’s what we want. Contact us now if you are looking for physical therapy in Flushing.

Following are some of the benefits of kayaking:

Strengthens the heart:

Rowing back and forth has the potential to increase your heart rate and improve overall cardiovascular health. Unlike jogging on a treadmill or lifting weights, kayaking can relieve the burning sensation, which is good for your heart health. Other forms of exercise, unlike it, can focus more on exhaustion than performance.

 Does not lose weight:

Kayaking is a great way to build muscle and lose weight. In just one hour, kayaking can easily burn up to 400 calories or more. This is because you are constantly exerting effort to move the kayak and paddle.

 Improves mental well-being:

You can exercise while kayaking and connect with nature at the same time. It can improve self-esteem, reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as increase self-esteem. In addition, kayaking offers the opportunity to expand your social circle. In a niche sport where not many people participate, it clubs or lessons can help you meet new people, as with many sports.

 Strengthens muscles and core:

Back, shoulder, arm and chest muscles can be strengthened by moving the paddle back and forth. You work a lot of different muscles when it, but the abs, biceps, triceps, lats, forearms, hips, and leg muscles are some of the most important. Kayaking is one of the few activities that give the body a good workout. This makes it unique.

 Improves joint flexibility:

Kayaking is a low-impact sport that can reduce the risk of tissue and joint damage. Paddle rowing can slow the rotation of the arms and legs, which is good for joint health and flexibility.

Physical Therapy in Flushing At Movement Concepts Physical Therapy, we are not only here to inform our patients about health and wellness, but we are also here to help you recover from injuries and avoid future ones. While kayaking can be enjoyable and relaxing, there is the potential for injury. Overexerting their bodies while it can sometimes lead to injuries such as muscle strains.

 Additionally, this can happen in one of the following ways:

  • Kayaking for long periods of time, especially if your body isn’t used to it.
  • Dragging the paddle which can cause shoulder pain.
  • Paddling with poor posture or form.
  • If your paddle gets caught on something, your upper body will be overextended.

When kayaking, it is important to be aware of the potential for injury to ensure your safety and caution. At Movement Concepts Physical Therapy in Flushing, our highly trained staff is here to help if you are injured while kayaking. The challenge to help our patients live pain-free lives so they can continue to do what they love inspires us.

If you are interested in our services, give us a call or check out our website Qatarakayaking for more information!

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