Dharam Patni Pratiksha Invites Students

Dharam Patni Pratiksha Invites Students

Dharam Patni is the love-hate tale of a lovely school teacher Pratiksha Parekh and a business industrialist Ravi Randhawa. We’re now watching as Malhar arrives at the hospital to plot Pratik’s murder. Mandeep calls a meeting with Maanvi to discuss the problem. Vimala tortures Pratiksha. The inspector is then ordered by Pratiksha to alter Vimala’s cell.
Hansa and Kinjal Parul arrive at the municipal hospital in the first episode. Hansa blames someone responsible for the incident. Malhar intends to murder Pratik in order to protect himself. Gulshan insists that the inspectors use Vimala to assault Pratiksha. Pratiksha feels anxious and prays for the safety of her family.

The doctor informs Hansa that Pratik is not in danger but must remain in the hospital for two more days. Malhar sends Hansa home. Thakur demands that he kills Pratik regardless. Mandeep wants Maanvi to discuss something essential. Vimala installed a waterpipe in Pratiksha’s room while she was sleeping, and you can watch the full episode at Jio Cinema USA.

Pratiksha awakens to find her room filled with water. She requests that the inspector investigate Vimala’s complaint. Inspector refuses. Pratiksha orders him to change Vimala’s cell name to Commissioner. Malhar orders two ward children to assassinate Pratik.

Pratik tells Malhar that he’s watched Pratik informs Malhar that he has seen CCTV footage and accuses Malhar guilty. He threatens Malhar with punishment for Keerti’s murder and claims that Pratiksha would testify against him because he forced her to drive that automobile.

Keerti’s Unfinished Love Story

Ravi is crying over Keerti’s unfinished love story. Ravi blames Pratiksha for the fate of Keerti and promises to punish her until death. Pratiksha claims that she is aware of the grief of losing beloved family members. She encourages Ravi to forget about everything he’s lost and focus on the present. Ravi is adamant about Pratiksha’s desire for the love of her loved ones, such as him.

Keerti appears and orders Ravi to stop uttering such things. She claims that if Pratiksha is proven guilty, she will face the consequences. She wants him to be his former self. Ravi states that the old Ravi was killed by Keerti. Keerti invites him to try. Ravi insists that he cannot be content without Keerti. Nobody is ever left behind and she asks Ravi to be a man without Keerti. Keerti disappears.

Raghu realizes that Pratik isn’t dead yet. Thakur contacts him and requests that Pratik’s chapter be closed. Raghu is about to run over Pratik however, a handful of passers-by can save Pratik. Raghu walks away. Champa and Phuli call Pratiksha to tell her about the radio evening organized by the prison administration to allow convicts to discuss their lives and other topics. They invite Pratiksha to the radio evening. Malhar is sad for Pratik and promises that he’ll pray for his soul. Raghu informs Malhar that Pratik is still alive and requests that Malhar murder him.

Hansa Incident at Dharam Patni

Malhar is feeling helpless because he has no alternative but to accept Thakur and Raghu’s directions. He contacts Hansa to inquire about Pratik. Malhar learns that Hansa is not aware of the incident and is waiting for Pratik to get home.

Before making any decisions, the decision is taken to wait for Hansa’s word. Pratiksha discovers that many prisoners are interested in her classes. Champa and Phuli thank her and proclaim her to be a gift from God. Pratiksha encourages pupils to thank her after they have learned from her. She is concerned about her hearing but pleased with her teaching abilities. Ravi is confident that he will achieve Keerti’s objectives and want her to stay with him. Ravi is driving while listening to a nighttime radio program. she listens to Hansa’s voicemail and learns about Pratik’s accident. Kinjal finds herself completely speechless. Kinjal falls while speaking. Hansa is smacking her.

Hansa requests he goes to the City hospital. The inmates ask Pratiksha to speak with RJ RJ first. Pratiksha starts talking. Ravi notices the voice is familiar. Rj questions Pratiksha about her topic for discussion. Pratiksha expresses an interest in aspirations and education. Ravi smiles and says that Keerti is her favorite topic.

Pratiksha discusses how important education is. Ravi remembers Keerti’s words about the same subject. Every prisoner claps when they hear Pratiksha’s speech. Rj questions her about the person who taught her these things. Pratiksha states that she learned all of it from her parents. She also says that an individual else taught her about all of these, and she would like to realize the dreams that the person never fulfilled.

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