Everything About Cervical Cancer Screening Test Results

Everything About Cervical Cancer Screening Test Results

Screening is the process of detecting the disease before symptoms appear. For women, routine health care includes a crucial component called cervical cancer screening. The best way to determine your cancer status is by visiting an HPV test in London.

People who have regular cervical cancer screenings are less likely to have cancer. Cancer screening comes in two varieties.

  • The Pap test
  • The HPV test

Pap test

To screen women for cervical cancer, doctors use a Pap test, also referred to as a Pap smear. It examines for precancer, changes in cervical cells that might lead to cancer later on if not treated properly and on time.

What Is the Purpose of a Pap Smear?

Examining cervical cells with a pap smear can reveal changes in the cells before they progress to cancer. Early detection of cancer increases your chance of successfully battling it or may even aid in preventing it. In worst case, if cancer is developed then diagnosing in the early stage makes the curing of cancer possible and patient’s life can be saved.

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When should I go for Pap test?

Women between the ages of 21 and 65 need to have a Pap smear every year. The frequency is determined by your general health and also whether you’ve previously had a Pap smear that was abnormal.

Women between the ages of 30 and 65 years can opt for only Pap Test, only an HPV test for women or both the test together in one go.

Pap Test Result

The results of a Pap test reveal whether the cervical cells are normal, abnormal, or unclear. Unsatisfactory results from a Pap test are also possible.

Normal / Negative outcome

Negative outcome is beneficial. That means there aren’t any cancerous or precancerous cells on your cervix, according to your doctor. You will not require another Pap smear until the next one is scheduled.

Your doctor might advise you to postpone your subsequent screening exam for three years if you have opt for only a Pap test. However, you can delay your next Pap test for five years if you also get an HPV blood test female and the results are negative.

Unsatisfactory pap test

The unsatisfactory results happen when;

  • The lab sample does not contain enough cells.
  • The cells could have clumped together.
  • Blood or mucus conceals the cells.

After a few months, your physician might request that you undergo another Pap test.

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Abnormal outcome

Abnormal result means cell changes are noted on your cervix. But still, it doesn’t mean you are having a cervical cancer.

A variety of factors can cause abnormal outcome. It may be caused by HPV. The cell changes may be minor or serious.

  • Minor changes mean low-graded changes generally become normal back again on their own.
  • Serious or high-graded changes need to be treated otherwise, will turn into cancer.
  • Even more serious changes in cells are referred to as “Precancer” since they are not cancer still. But one needs to be very careful as it may not take long to turn into cancer.

In rare case, doctor may find the abnormal results as cancer. In such cases, they may ask you for other tests to be sure. Cervical cancer is more manageable to treat if it is detected earlier.

Unclear results

Unclear test results are quite common. Doctor may describe this result as inconclusive, equivocal, or ASC-US. The common denominator among all of these is the possibility of abnormal cervical cells.

It’s unclear whether it’s related to HPV. It might be connected to a change in one’s life, such as menopause, pregnancy, or an infection.

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The doctor can advise you to do an HPV test to determine whether the changes in your cells are caused by HPV.

HPV Test Outcome

Results of the HPV test reveal whether cervical cells contain high-risk HPV types. An HPV test result will either be negative or positive. The HPV test seeks out the virus that may lead to cervical cancer.

Negative result

No high-risk HPV was found. Doctor may suggest the next screening for HPV should be after 5 years.

Positive result

If you have an HPV type that has been linked to cervical cancer, a positive HPV test for women indicates that you do. This does not imply that you currently have cervical cancer. Although, it could be a warning sign of cancer. Based on the results of your particular test, your doctor will advise you on the next course of action based on specific HPV type identification.

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