Everything about Persian Rug Cleaning & Maintenance

Everything about Persian Rug Cleaning & Maintenance

We understand the massive thrill that comes from owning a Persian rug. You want the very best when it comes to Persian rug cleaning near me. After all, these are intricate pieces of art that are not only functional but also beautiful.

Whether you have a treasured family heirloom or brought a new one, it takes months of care to make it last for many years.

While you treasure the beauty of a handmade Persian rug, we give you some maintenance tips to help you extend its life for years.

  1. Regular Rug Maintenance

It is common for your rugs to collect dirt as time flies. In no time, it will become a reservoir of dust, allergens, pollen and bugs too. Vacuuming is the only answer to all these dirt issues.

Taking some preventative measures can help you get rid of regular dust and dirt. What are they?

  • High-traffic areas are a big NO

If yours is made from silk, make sure to lay it in areas that have less foot traffic. However, you can place your woollen rug in areas that have regular footfall (since they are sturdier than silk ones). It will work in your best interest if you would keep rotating your rug frequently. This will help you even out the wear and tear.

  • Don’t let the dirt accumulate

Your rug is more likely to collect dirt from the shoes. The more you walk on them with shoes on, the greater the volume of dirt would be. As a preventative measure, make sure to encourage your family members or even guests to leave their footwear outside.

  • Vacuum as much as possible

Do you have a woollen rug at your place? Vacuum it at least twice a week but ensure while doing so you work in the same direction as the fibres. This is to ensure you do not pull out them by applying unnecessary pressure on them. Also, remember not to ignore the area under the rug because this is where most dirt settles in.

For a silk rug, make sure you are more careful. Experts recommend brushing your silk Persian rugs once a week using a soft bristle brush.

  1. How to deal with the Spills

Spills are the biggest nightmares of rug owners. But there is always a smart way to approach it.

Air-dry your Persian rug

The moment you get spills on your rug, clean them up as soon as you can. Start by gently blotting them with a dry piece of cloth. Here is a trick. Blot from outside and go towards the centre of the spill. This helps you to prevent spreading the spill.

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For deeper stains, make a mixture of water and some mild detergent. Gently blot the spot with a dry cloth once you are done cleaning the mess.

Lave the rug to get dry in the air or you may use a hair dryer (if suitable) using low heat.

Professionals are better at handling spills that are hard to get rid of and those that are dark. Check out if you could purchase a service of Persian carpet cleaning in London.

  1. Beat Out the Dust

Beating your Persian rugs is a truly tried and tested method of eliminating accumulated dust. If yours is a silk or antique Persian rug, a few firm shakes are enough. Otherwise, hang your rug on a clothesline and beat it until it becomes free of dirt.

  1. For Pet Owners

Those who have pets in their house need to be extra cautious while maintaining their rugs. Vacuuming your Persian rugs daily becomes all the more necessary. Alternate days are best too.

Keep your pets’ litter and feeding areas far away from your Persian rug. However, there are times when you cannot avoid your pet lounging about on your treasured rug. To clean the rug, gently brush off the dirt and wipe it with a semi-wet cloth.

Be quick to mop it up if your pets end up urinating, or regurgitating on your rug. Then rinse it up with cold water. Make sure you dry it thoroughly. Call in professionals if you are dealing with heavy damage.

Persian Rug Maintenance Golden Rules

Persian rugs deserve a great deal of care and maintenance. However, mishaps happen and when they do, instead of panicking about it, be quick.

  • You can remove that stain if you treated it immediately after the spill occurs. Do not wait until the last minute when you have no choice but to rely on professional Persian rug cleaning London, which can cost you a fortune.
  • While removing liquid stains, always use white towels or cloth instead of coloured ones. In worst cases, the colour can pass through the cloth to your rug, ruining its beauty and intricacy.
  • Scoop off the liquid with a spoon and try to remove as much as you can. Never ever press down anything on the rug.
  • Using knives to remove any items from your carpet is the worst idea.
  • Do not ever scrub or brush stains. It can damage the structural beauty of your rug and risk the dyes running.

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