How long does it take to process a UK Visa?

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Whenever you think about the UK, It allures millions of visitors annually with its renowned lodestars, popular music festivals, joyous vacations, globally recognized courses, and numerous career opportunities.


If you want to process your visa without any fear of refusal, you can get the best services from the experienced UK visa consultant in Lahore dealing with multiple clients at Dream International. From IELTS test preparation in Lahore to the perfect location to live in the UK, our professional visa consultant will have your back at each step of your visa process.


Whether you want to pursue study in the UK or need to settle down there permanently, it seems too long to wait throughout your visa process. Going through the same stress? Fret not, we have got you covered. You will get to know all about visa processing duration here.


Processing Time for all UK Visas  


Since every applicant waits anxiously for approval, UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) processes the visa applications by evaluating different factors. It varies with the type of

Visa, eligibility, applicant’s background, bank statement, and many more things.

Furthermore, it also depends on which country you are applying from. However, getting proper guidance and assistance from a visa consultant surely sorts out the complicated factors throughout the process. As far as the type of visa is concerned, you must know about the different processing times stated by UKVI.


  • Temporary Visa/ Visitor Visa 


People who wish to visit the UK, work there, or stay there for a limited time with restricted circumstances can opt for a temporary visa. Whether it’s a temporary business tour, a short visit to your spouse or family, or a vacation break, Visitor Visa can allow you to live in the UK on a short-term basis for 3 months, 6 months, and a maximum of up to 12 months. It takes around 8 weeks to process the visa before you get the official approval to explore the grand United Kingdom.


  • Tier 4 Student Visa/ Study Visa 


Do you want to study abroad? If you are really interested in learning at an International University, you can seek a suitable course in the UK and apply for a tier 4 student visa.

Make sure to get this transformative decision of choosing a prestigious institution carefully as you can’t miss the chance to explore high-end education in a diversified country like the UK.

Once you attend the appointment and submit the required documents, you will get a response somewhere between 3-8 weeks. On condition that you want the future securing decision to be taken, avail of our visa consultation services from Dream International for professional guidance regarding career options and perfect eligibility criteria to open our way to the UK.

UK Study Visa Consultant

  • Family Visa 

A family visa provides you with another option to live in the UK. To apply for a family visa, one must have a civil partner already settled in the UK with a nationality. This could be your fiancé, spouse, any close relative, or any family member like parents, son or daughter, and even grandson or granddaughter.


The sponsor must be a UK resident first and then call the others to get through the family visa. The family visa usually takes up to 24 weeks to get processed and you will get a response within this time.


  • Skilled Work Visa

If you have been offered a job from a UK-based company, sponsor, or any employer having an authentic sponsor license, you can acquire the skilled work visa to live in the UK for at least 5 years with the same job and then settle down. Well, this visa allows you to take your family or any member through a dependent visa.


You must scale out on 30 points for your skills and paying scale to get this work sponsorship from any employer. It’s no less than luck to get a job reference from the UK. Processing the skilled work visa takes around no more than 3 weeks but you can initiate the process maximum of 3 months before the joining date.


  • Settlement Visa /Immigration Visa


Do you dream of the UK for your life? Then, a settlement visa is meant for you. If you have been living there for almost 5 years, you can then apply for a settlement visa in the UK. Or else, you must have been sponsored by a closer relative living there with British citizenship which makes you eligible for permanent immigration there.


With this visa, you can live and work there for your whole life like all other nationality holders. After a few years, British citizenship awaits you.  If your application is lodged and you have attended the appointment, expect a response within 24 weeks after this process for the settlement visa.



You can choose the most suitable visa application for yourself depending on your eligibility, bank statement, and preferences. Do you still have mixed thoughts about your visa taking so long to process? You can consult the proficient UK visa consultant in Lahore like Dream International for your UK visas to be processed and approved efficiently.

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