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Learn Quran online

Learn Quran online is a noble act for Muslims to perform daily routine.  If someone wants to earn more good deeds and to become closer to Allah, he must recite Quran after proper learning to please Allah. Therefore, it is an obligatory duty of every Muslim online Quran classes and to make compulsion of recitation of the Quran to their family. Learning of Quran has unlimited advantages some of explained:

  1. Quran teachings guide you to the righteous path Quran is the last holy book of Allah, which guides all humankind, especially Muslims.
  2. Source for many rewards & virtues teaching and learning the Quran is the source by which one can earn many rewards or benefits. Intercessor on the Day of Judgment
  3. Teaching and recitation of the Quran will act as intercessors for you on the Day of Judgment.

Teachings of the Quran make you understand the purpose of your existence By knowing the meaning of each verse of the Quran, one will become to know the purpose of his life on this earth, how Allah created us, and for what purpose we came here.

Learn Quran online

Learning of Quran is a huge task in itself but online learning of the Quran has made it easy now these days. Learn Quran online E-learning systems has become more popular these days as it has many benefits other than traditional ways of online Quran classes. It is the easier way and one can learn with more concentration as only one tutor teaches a single student at a time rather than teaching a whole class.

Online learning is convenient as one-to-one classes are conducted, for every age group, along with the timetable of your own choice. Many institutes also provide fee reductions for needy students so they can learn Quran online easily.

Learn Quran online with qualified teachers

One of the biggest advantages of Learn Quran online is that one has a wide range of selections for choosing the best tutor. As one can select Quran teachers from every other part of the world as it gets satisfied. Option for selecting male or female tutors also be available.

Learn Quran online is a cost-effective method

It is an economical method for Learn Quran online, as different academies provide various kinds of fee affordable packages to pay in installments, some websites also provide reductions in hardship case matters. On the other hand, there will be no traveling charges one has to pay for reaching its destination for learning of Quran.

Learn Quran online inaccessible to everyone

Through Learn Quran online websites, everyone from every part of the globe has access online Quran classes, especially foreign students who do not have access to mosques and madrassas, for workings people who don’t have time to go to mosques for online Quran classes USA and housewives are unable to outside for learning purposes.

Flexible timetable

Another benefit of Quran learning online is one can adjust the time and days according to its availability and comfort.

Online Quran for Kids (livequranforkids.com)

It is one of the best online Quran teaching and learning institutes.  Our mission is to make it possible for every Muslim to learn Quran in the easiest and most affordable package and to enrich every Muslim life with the light of the Quran. Online Quran for kids is a sole organization that is not linked to any other party or Islamic organization.

We are here to serve you with the best teaching of the Learn Quran online. Online Quran for kids have dedicated themselves to making the learning methods attractive and easier for kids as well as for other age groups. Quran learn online serve almost every country of the world so every Muslim can have access to the online Quran classes USA. We conducted one-to-one online sessions, whiteboard methods, and progress reports with a blend of both ancient and traditional methods of learning.

Online Quran for kids provide our services with 100% satisfaction. We have a team of tutors, which are highly educated and well-experienced in their respective fields. They make learning easier in every possible way with new methods of teaching with innovative ideas to make their lectures interesting especially for kids. We provide our services for every age group. The choice for selecting male or female tutors is also available.

Free trial for Learn Quran online

We also provide service for 3 days of free trial classes to make you satisfied with our certified tutors. One can avail of this opportunity by registering his/her at our main website just by signup. One just has to provide his/her general details to avail of this offer. It costs nothing ad no other commitments.

Parental Satisfaction for online Quran teaching & learning

It is a parental control online Quran classes for kids, as we have a system of monthly assessments for kids, so the parents can get progress reports of their kids. You can choose tutors of your choice.

Courses for the teaching of the Learn Quran online

Following are the various kinds of Quran courses from which one can select upon his/her choice of learning:

Noraani Qaida Course online

In this course, you will learn about the Arabic language, its alphabet, and the way by which it is pronounced.

Teaching of Quran translation

This course is for those who want to online Quran classes for kids along with its translation to know about the meaning of each verse of the holy Quran.

Islamic studies Course

This course includes the teachings of Sunnah, how to perform Salah, hadiths, etc.

Quran learning with Tajweed

Tajweed is the basic set of rules by which the Learn Quran online should be learned and recited according to the way told by Allah. This course makes you learn about the whole Tajweed rules.

Memorization of the Quran

This course is constructs for those who want to become Hafiz by memorizing the whole Quran in their hearts and souls as well.

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