Products Made of Colloidal Silver – Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics?

We now have dependable options to fight viruses and bacterial illnesses thanks to eye-opening research and a rising desire for natural antibiotic alternatives.

It seems that products containing colloidal silver are the main antibiotic alternatives. One stands out among the many options for colloidal silver products: The New Silver Solution.

Are All Products Using Colloidal Silver the Same?

The New Silver Solution is the only colloidal silver products of its sort to have received a patent in the previous eighty years, and it is the holder of many patents. The New Silver Solution, a brand of colloidal silver, has a “sister” product (a stronger variation) that the EPA has certified for use as a hospital disinfectant. Additionally, it is the only colloidal silver products that have earned permission as a homoeopathic medicine from various African nations.

Independent Examination

The New Silver Solution has been the subject of numerous unbiased research. A person would need to consume more than 30 quarts of Silver Solution daily, according to Dr. Ron Leavitt of Brigham Young University, before experiencing any ill effects. The typical daily intake is between 1 and 2 teaspoons.

Lab rats were used in a test by the international testing facility NAMSA that replicated the effects of a 200-pound person ingesting four 8-ounce bottles at once. This is a dose that is 100–200 times higher than usual. The test found no indication of harm in the rats.

Existing Side Effects?

More than a million bottles of The New Silver Solution have been sold, and after years of marketing and thousands of users, there have been no complaints of any unfavourable side effects.

Let’s now contrast a few of the typical negative effects of traditional antibiotics.

from mild to severe diarrhoea
Hypersensitivity Shock
Candida infections
Drug Interactions That Are Bad
Birth control pill abuse reduces effectiveness, which reduces antibiotic effectiveness

Typical Applications of Colloidal Silver Products

Even though Silver Solution has been clinically shown to eradicate more than 650 recognised bacteria and viruses, some of the more prevalent illnesses and conditions it can treat include:

Constipation & Abdominal Pain
influenza Cold sores
Ear Infections & Aches
Foodborne illness
Nasal infection
Throat Pain and Tooth Decay
Infection with Vaginal Yeast

The New Silver Solution Gel has demonstrated to be very successful in treating or healing:

Cuts and Wounds Insect Bits Radiation and Sunburn-Induced Burns

An Extra Perk

The fact that colloidal silver products do not eradicate the beneficial microorganisms in our intestines is an extra advantage.

Conventional antibiotics frequently have the unfavourable side effect of eradicating the beneficial bacteria in our big intestines. Folic acid and B vitamins are produce by healthy microorganisms. They also face off against harmful bacteria and yeast to get rid of infection. Our immune system is weakened when healthy bacteria are eradicate by antibiotics, making us more susceptible to superinfections like MRSA.

The Best Option for an Antibiotic Replacement

A colloidal silver products might be the solution you’ve been looking for if you’re one of the many people seeking natural antibiotic substitutes. The New Silver Solution is risk-free, non-toxic, and has been clinically demonstrate to eradicate hundreds of bacterial and viral strains without causing any adverse effects.


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