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The demand for two-wheeler bikes in India has increased due to the country’s growing middle class and young population. A country switches from bicycles to motorcycles and from motorcycles to cars depending on the purchasing power of its citizens. The age of the bike is currently in full swing in India. Compare Harley Davidson vs Royal Enfield to decide which is the better option.

Regarding the history of motorcycle brands, Royal Enfield can trace its roots back to the 19th century. The Enfield brand has been on motorcycles from the beginning of the motorcycle and bike accessories business, predating even Harley-Davidson. 

Giant corporations around the globe are working hard to grow their presence in the nation based on price and product quality. However, Indian companies are the market leaders in practically all bikes and Interceptor 650 accessories categories in India. The Indian company Royal Enfield is outpacing industry titans like Harley Davidson in the Bullet and Hunter bikes market. 

Royal Enfield’s Pace Numbers

In the Indian motorcycle market, the Harley Davidson has had a kind of free rein. The entry-level HD model, intended for individuals seeking a low-cost cruiser, checks off practically all the necessary boxes. 

As a result, many consider it to be the obvious pick. But the cult-like Royal Enfield is ready to barge into the American motorcycle manufacturer’s celebration. 

The most popular motorcycle manufacturers in the world are Harley Davidson and Royal Enfield. To attract devoted customers, the two businesses have been at odds. While Royal Enfield is the ideal motorcycle for all Indian bike enthusiasts, Harley Davidson has grown in popularity worldwide.

To determine the superior choice, contrast Harley Davidson vs Royal Enfield.

Harley Davidson: The History

Over a century ago, Harley Davidson, an American maker of motorcycles, entered the market. The US bought some 15,000 motorcycles from the manufacturer for the war effort, and the company’s bikes also featured in the First World War. It is one of just two American motorcycle manufacturers to have survived the Great Depression. Currently, most hike lovers recognise the company as a legendary motorcycle brand on a global scale.

Harley Davidson offers six models- Dyna, Sportster, Touring, Softail, Vrod, and Street. These versions are distinct from one another regarding the structure, engine, suspension, and other features. There are Harley-Davidson motorcycles available everywhere.

Royal Enfield: The History

Founded in 1893, Enfield Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was the company that would later become Royal Enfield. They would initially produce stationary engines, lawnmowers, motorbikes, and bicycles. During the First and Second World Wars, the business supplied motorbikes to the British War Department. 

Royal Enfield has nine different motorcycle models for sale in other parts of the world: the Bullet, Electra, Desert Storm, Fury, Thunderbird, Classic, Forest Green/Black, and Continental.

To determine the superior choice, contrast Harley Davidson vs Royal Enfield.

Aspects Of Design

At least in terms of their designs, both motorcycle manufacturers share a vintage motorcycling aesthetic in their distinctive ways. Starting with the round headlamp, flat seats, and teardrop-shaped fuel tank, sophistication and class greatly influence the RE bike models. The Harley models, however, are high-end and have good visibility.

Motorcycle manufacturers take the “vintage” moniker too seriously when describing characteristics. As a result, you are without electrical aids like LED lighting and an entirely digital instrument cluster.


All RE models have motors that Royal Enfield built entirely from scratch. Here, everything is kept comparatively simple. The RE bikes, for instance, employ a parallel-twin arrangement with air- and oil-cooling as opposed to the V-Twin architecture seen on the Harley. The cost should remain in check in theory, thanks to its simplicity. Although that isn’t the main topic of this article, it is their most potent RE engine on paper.

Since the experts just had a short time with the RE models, it’s too early to proclaim a winner in this case. 


The RE models appear to be the livelier in handling, at least on paper. This is due to the bikes’ lower rake angle than the Harley’s and the grippier Pirelli tyres they come with as opposed to the Harley’s MRFs, which promise to tune towards tyre life.

Despite having a larger rake angle, the Harley models promise to be agile enough for a Harley. Experts claim that the most recent motorcycle has considerably more responsive brakes, but under harsh braking, the rear loses a little poise.


If priced competitively, the Royal Enfield models will provide far greater value than the Harley. Experts anticipate Royal Enfield to charge less for motorcycles than Harley Davidson. The cult bike manufacturer will have plenty of room to undercut its American rival. 

Additionally, Royal Enfield has many more service centres than Harley around the nation, which may contribute significantly to the bikes’ popularity. You may get additional information on Harley Davidson vs Royal Enfield from the staff at Carorbis online.

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