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An open kitchen layout in contemporary homes is ideal for our casual lifestyles and allows the family member to communicate with one another while preparing meals. Nowadays, most homeowners prefer open kitchen designs. Even though combining a kitchen and living space can be more challenging, many choose this option. Whether you’d like to merge your cooking area into your living room, this post will provide you with all the vital information.

Creating the perfect open kitchen space begins with the placement of cabinets. Furthermore, open kitchens can enhance the performance of the two most vital rooms. Here are a few points to discuss before we move with the design tips.

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Things to keep in mind when designing an open kitchen:

  • The main difference between open living spaces and separate rooms is that there is no separate kitchen and living room.
  • Ensure that this is the main room in your home.
  • Also, you only sometimes need a wall to separate the kitchen from the living area.
  • It is a practical way of interacting with and serving your guests simultaneously.
  • Cooking in an open kitchen does not violate your privacy.
  • Balance the room with light colors is essential.
  • The room will only work with outdated fixtures, such as rusty faucets, broken hardware, and insufficient lighting.

Few tips for designing an open kitchen and living room:

  1. It is important to remove the wall if it exists
  2. Use upper cabinets made from sturdy materials
  3. A counter with an L-shape
  4. Utilizing base cabinets in a more effective way
  5. Ensure that the plumbing is hidden
  6. Invest in better lighting and ventilation
  7. Try a lighter color scheme

1. Remove the wall if it exists.

Remove any walls that divide your kitchen from your living room. It is the simplest way to combine the two rooms. For decades, homeowners have used this technique to design a chic open kitchen. Generally speaking, the goal is to bring together the two areas without difficulties perfectly. Furthermore, a counter or the base cabinets are the only things separating the two sides.

2. Upper cabinets made from sturdy materials

One of the key ideas you must remember as you design your open kitchen is this one. Without upper cabinets, this design has no purpose and no shape. The cooking area is also defined by these kitchen cabinets, which also serve as storage. With consulting experts, people can easily remove the upper cabinets. The design of your entire living space might also ruin.

3. A counter with an L-shape

The kitchen counter and a counter with base cabinets both elegantly divide the spaces. Nevertheless, you have the option of going without a counter. However, doing it this way will make your floor design appear flat and dated. Therefore, choose an L-shaped counter to create a functional living space. Be sure to leave plenty of room for movement as well. Suitable for open kitchens and living rooms, this design will last forever.

A U-shaped counter design is also available. Therefore, pick the layout that suits you the best. Additionally, seek professional guidance on this issue.

4. Utilizing base cabinets in a more effective way

The smartest move you can ever make is to use base storage. Base cabinets are essential for both a kitchen island and a counter. Strong base cabinets provide stability for the counter to remain put. Additionally, it helps you maintain your privacy while cooking. The living area and kitchen are divided, in this instance, by base cabinets beneath the marble counter. Additionally, it automatically makes a breakfast nook for you and your family.

5. Ensure that the plumbing is hidden

Remember that exposed plumbing can ruin the attractiveness of your open kitchen. The significance of hiding the wiring and plumbing is thus always to be considered. As a general rule, keep your gas and water pipes hidden. In the living area, try to conceal the wiring and cords similarly. Please don’t keep the refrigerator in the living room; instead, keep it near the kitchen.

6. Invest in better lighting and ventilation

You want to add more light and ventilation to make the room appear and feel bigger. You can do so by adding extra windows or skylights above the counter.

7. Try a lighter color scheme.

The space may seem smaller or more compact if you use darker tones. To create a feeling of openness and space, choose lighter colors. Colors such as beige, grey, and pastels (pink, sage green, pale orange) will make your home inviting to family and guests.


Are you interested in designing an open kitchen/living room? Your search for how to design open kitchens creatively ends here. It is first necessary to plan the space, which involves considering a few things, and then to remove the wall around the kitchen (if any). An L-shaped counter would be ideal for gently separating the cooking area from the upper and base cabinets. Consider light color palettes and more natural sunlight to make a space bright and open. Bring your open living room to life!

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