Top 5 Online Game Streaming Platforms Where People Earn Money

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash online, you might have come across a few top online game streaming platforms. These services allow you to play various games on the Internet without ever having to download any additional software. They’re all free to use, so you can try out the service before you decide to make a commitment to paying for it. And once you’ve tried out the service, you might even find that you love it so much that you end up subscribing to it.


WPC2026 is an online game streaming platform that offers players a chance to win big money. Participants come from different walks of life, but all have a common interest in cockfighting. And a passion for winning prizes.

To play the game, you need to create an account and provide some authentic information. You will need a valid email address, a phone number and a strong password.

The website also offers a free version, but you’ll need to register to use it. As with all websites, you’ll need to enter your credentials before you can start playing.

One of the features of the website is a live sabong match. This is an ancient Philippine sport. People have been putting on shows and betting on roosters and other animals since at least three millennia.


If you are interested in live gaming and esports, you may have heard about HitBox. The company is a streaming service that provides users with a platform to stream and interact with viewers. It has many features.

The interface is simple and intuitive. You can use it with an Android, iOS, or Windows device. You can also connect your Twitter account. Streamers can record video at 60fps and 1080p.

HitBox is a free to use service. However, the company does offer paid subscriptions. A paid subscription includes special emoticons in the chat and badges for your stream. Streamers can also earn money through leaderboards and tournaments.

There is also a monthly partnership program. The company offers a lower entry-level program than Twitch. In addition, all streamers receive a revenue share, but they can choose how to use their time and content.


Beam is an online game streaming platform that aims to make video streaming more interactive and fun. This site allows you to interact with your viewers and even play games with them. You can also participate in live events, where you can earn some real cash.

Beam is an impressive looking website that has many features. For example, the site boasts the capability to stream high definition videos at 2500+ bit rates and support a variety of file formats. The site works on a wide range of devices, including Windows PC, Android, Apple TV, and iOS.

Another cool feature is the ability to use third-party broadcasting software tools. This is a major plus for gamers who are new to the scene.


The video game streaming market is a competitive one. Many small companies compete for new streamers. It’s important to find a platform that caters to your needs. Streaming platforms should be easy to use and have good revenue options. You can also test out a platform before committing to it.

Azubu is a live game streaming website that focuses on eSports. Although it’s a relatively small platform, it’s gradually gaining popularity. In October 2015, it had about 49 million viewers. While it’s not quite as popular as Twitch or YouTube, it’s becoming more popular among eSports fans.

The site has several features that make it easy to use. Streamers can interact with each other through the platform’s chat feature. Users can also save videos to view later.

Bigo Live

Streamers, vloggers, and entertainers are making a living off of their Bigo Live videos. They can earn up to $10,000 from their stream. In addition, the streaming platform is a great way to connect with people from all over the world.

Bigo Live is also a good option for aspiring performing artists. This app features an easy interface, good sound quality, and an augmented reality feature. It also offers tons of cool filters.

If you are interested in earning money through video streams, then you should join the BIGO LIVE community. You can easily meet other users, engage in private conversations, and get access to different group chat rooms.

Another advantage is that you can choose to stream yourself or other famous broadcasters. You can also choose to earn rewards by promoting products and services. The platform has an incentive program called the “refer-a-friend” program, which pays you USD2 for every new user who signs up.

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