Why Custom Mylar Bags Are Ideal For Pet Food Industry?

custom mylar bags

In the past, packaging has changed dramatically from packaging made of cloth comprised of wool, jute, or even fibers, to the wide recognition of plastic packing like custom mylar bags. The world was experimenting with it everywhere. Until we realized it could cause us harm.

At this point, people realized that although plastic packaging was designed with the best intentions, it can have effects too. Sometimes, it can be dangerous. So, there was a quick shift towards creating eco-friendly products that contribute to the overall ecology.

The result is that people are shifting to eco-friendly yet durable methods of packaging made from plastic. Manufacturers began to develop innovative ways of making high-quality packaging while respecting the surroundings.

Mylar bags are among the most innovative inventions in tough and environmentally friendly plastic packaging. What are Custom Mylar Bags, and how are they useful for storing certain food items, specifically pet food? Let’s see!

What is Custom Mylar Bags?

Custom Mylar bags consist of bags that are made of Mylar film. The film was developed by a company named DuPont. The company makes BOPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene Terephthalate) films that are now officially known as Mylar films.

This film is made of stretched polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). At first glance, it appears like a foil-like film, but it is different. Mylar film is made from polymer (normal Mylar) or is coated with aluminum, but not foil.

Additionally, it’s lined with aluminum, which is less dense than normal foil. This is the reason these bags are ideal for storage.

Multi-Purpose Use For Mylar Bags

We now know what exactly custom mylar bags wholesale are and their uses, and we can dive into their various uses. They are mostly used to store items in child proof mylar bags. The type of product, these bags have many purposes for packing.

These bags are utilized across all industries, from electronics, food, cosmetics, etc. But there is a sector that is heavily dependent on Mylar Bags.

It’s it! Pet Food Industry!

In the pet food industry, Custom Mylar Bags is an innovative product. Here’s why:

Provides Oxygen Protection

Pet food is usually the most difficult to store since

  • They must be kept in good health
  • They are easily resuspended.

So, every pet animal owner or company seeks a simple method to store food items.

This is the reason Custom Mylar Bags are perfect for keeping pet food in. They don’t let oxygen escape through them. This stops the food from becoming soggy or even attracting bugs. Thus, food stays fresh for a longer period.

Sealing the bag will prevent any oxygen in through the exterior. But, this is not necessarily a guarantee that it will completely drain the air from the bag, only the oxygen. Other air-borne components could remain in the bag.

Water Resistant Packaging

Pet food is not seasonally based and consumed throughout the year. When storing them, you require the right packaging resistant to all weather conditions.

Custom Mylar Bags are extremely heat resistant. Bags of normal thickness can stand up to 200° Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius of heat. But Mylar bags with a thickness of 5 mils or greater can withstand more than 350 degrees Celsius to heat.

Additionally, the bags are also able to keep food items in frigid conditions. Thus, they are highly weatherproof.


One of the most important considerations when storing pet food is keeping it from getting soggy. To combat this problem, pet food producers or owners will go to the extreme to create a waterproof storage area for these meals.

It’s not just costing them more, but also reduces the ability to store food in one location. But with Mylar Bags, they are waterproof. This makes it easy for pet owners to keep their food items anywhere.

If you’re making pet food or using bags, they can help you store your food in a less crowded manner. This means you don’t have to worry about using large storage boxes that take up all the space.

Long-Lasting Storage

The popularity of Mylar bags is because they have a long shelf life. A few people have reported that Custom Mylar Bags can store food for as long as forty years. As shocking as it may sound, if you store your food properly, you will have longer shelf longevity.

Furthermore, it depends on the model of the device you’re making use of. But it can offer an average of a couple of months of capacity.


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