Yeezy Desert Boot – How To Identify Original Pair

Yeezy Desert boots

Yeezy Desert Boots, designed by Kanye West for his Yeezy brand, are popular due to various factors. The boots are known for their unique design, which features a minimalist aesthetic, and are made from high-quality materials. Additionally, the Yeezy brand has a large following and is associated with high fashion and luxury, contributing to the boots’ popularity. Additionally, the Yeezy Desert boots are very limited in stock and exclusive, which makes them more wanted by customers. There are various counterfeits available in the market. So in this post, we discussed some tips by which you can find the original pair of these boots. Keep reading!

How To Identify Original Yeezy Desert Boots

Almost everyone owns these shoes, but few telltale signs can distinguish between authentic and fake Adidas footwear. Here are a few methods to tell fake Adidas Yeezy shoes from real ones:

Examine the Serial Number

Many copycatters try to make a copy by copying every feature, while some may choose to ignore this element. As a result, one way to tell if your Adidas shoes are authentic is to check the serial number. Examining the serial number is one of the simplest ways to determine whether the Adidas boots are genuine. A special 12-digit identification code will be pasted on the inside side of the shoe if you have an authentic pair. Germany and MD are the letters that make up this code. This identification code can also be found on the tongue labels seams of shoes, among other shoe components. Adidas Yeezy Desert boots are fake if there isn’t a tag.

Verify the Adidas Logo

You’ll notice that a fake pair of boots always have branding stickers on the tongue, whereas an authentic pair of boots has a symbol carved into the language. As a result, the sign-on imitation sneaker boots will wear off much more quickly than real ones.

Matching the Stitching Pattern

A traditional pair of authentic Adidas boots will always feature vertical stitching. The vertical line is consistent with the stitching on the shoe’s tongue label. This vertical line is flatter than the original one when you run your finger over it. The original Adidas boots have strong, clean, and residue-free seams.¬†

Think About Laces and Eyelets

An additional set of tightly packed laces is frequently included with authentic sneakers. You most likely have a fake if you purchase a pair of boots and the box does not contain new laces. On the other hand, several counterfeiters have started using a new set of laces. Therefore, this cannot be the most important factor in telling real from fake. If there are any laces in the box, look at how they are packaged because most fake makers only care if they are packaged separately. The caliber of the eyelets for laces is another factor to consider. Only the older Adidas models had metal eyelets.

Verify the Barcode

A barcode is one of the key features to check for in every pair of sneakers. The original  Yeezy Desert boot rock has a tiny black barcode label on the bottom. If your shoes have a tiny white barcode label, you can tell if they are fake. The main goal of this code is to determine whether a product is genuine. This does not, however, imply that Adidas has resolved the problem and is no longer producing fake goods. As a result, always check the barcode when buying Adidas shoes.


Make a fashion statement by keeping a pair of Adidas or Nike sneakers in your closet. Not just millennials but people of all ages enjoy wearing Adidas shoes. In addition, many international celebrities and style leaders favor these shoes.

Since Adidas and Kanye West released The Yeezy Desert Boots, fans of sneakers and boots have flocked to buy them. Although they are currently out of stock on the official Adidas website, users can always sign up for their newsletter to be notified when the item is released or restocked. For long-term, daily wear footwear, the Adidas Yeezy Desert Boots are the ideal financial investment.

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